International Brigade

$55.00 CAD

Material: Resin
Scale: 75mm
Sculptor: Antonio Zapatero
Painter: Gustavo Gil

The International Brigades were paramilitary units that served under the Republican side during the Spanish Civil War. The organisation existed for two years, from 1936 until 1938. It is estimated that during the entire war, between 40,000 and 59,000 members served in the International Brigades.

This figure represents the courageous foreign volunteers that traveled from across Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, and America, to fight the threat of Fascism in Spain. This figure can be painted in countless different ways, wearing a mixture of civilian and military clothing – anything they could get their hands on to take the fight to the enemy!

We have included three head options. The beret and neck scarf is designed to represent a member of the Canadian Mackenzie-Papineau Brigade. We have also chosen the iconic Adrian helment, and Spanish Gorrillo sidecap.

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